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Phone Recovery STICK for Android Phones

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Quick Overview

Recover Data From Smart Phones - Including Deleted Data

For android smart phones 2.3.7 or lower...    


Recover Data From Smart Phones

Phone Recovery Stick is a revolutionary new product designed to recover deleted data from Android based smart phones*. The Phone Recovery Stick is a thumb-drive USB device that will help you recover deleted data as well as other data from your Google Android phone. Simply connect the cell phone to any PC with the phone's data cable and then connect the stick to the same computer through a USB port. Once the two devices are connected; run the built-in software on the Phone Recovery Stick and recover the data you are looking for with the click of a button.

The data recovery process may take several hours to complete. However, the Phone Recovery Stick is capable of recovering deleted text data from:

  • Text messages
  • Contacts
  • Call history
  • Calendar entries


App Deleted data recovery for Android 4.1 x and below for the following:

Deleted KIK recovery

Deleted facebook recovery

Deleted facebook messenger recovery

Deleted textfree recovery

Deleted Textplus recovery

Deleted Vkontakte recovery

Deleted pinger recovery


Because of its versatile recovery capabilities and easy-to-use interface, the Phone Recovery Stick is ideal for professionals who have accidentally deleted important files, employers who have issued cell phones to employees for business purposes, concerned parents, or anyone who may have a need to retrieve a deleted item from an Android smartphone.

Phone Recovery Stick Carriers

The Phone Recovery Stick runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, and 7. The Phone Recovery Stick works on Android devices up to firmware version 2.2.x

*Please Note: You must have the PIN for locked phones before performing a recovery.


Phone Recovery Stick Supported Phone Manufacturers
The Phone Recovery Stick is designed to recover deleted data on any Android device running the Android operating system up to 2.2.X. For new Android operating systems, the Phone Recovery Stick will still download user data including text messages, call logs, pictures, and more for quick, organized analysis of phone data.

Phone Recovery Stick - How it Works

Although the Phone Recovery Stick supports all Android based phones, you may not even realize your phone runs Android. Here's just a few of the phone manufacturers and carriers that have Android phones.

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