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Encrypted Communication

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  1. SAC-Phone - Encrypted Safe Communication - Anti Bugging Phone

    SAC-Phone - Encrypted Safe Communication - Anti Bugging Phone

    Stop that bugging!

    At last: secure and safe communication without being bugged!

    “Thanks to the SAC Phone you can from now on communicate safely” 

    Your communication is secured with military encryption techniques. 


    The SAC Phone at first sight seems to be a perfectly normal Blackberry.  The device, however, is provided with a specially allotted code program enabling communication with a secure server in Iceland. 


    Encryption means to encrypt: messages cannot be intercepted. In case this, for whatever reason, might occur, the messages will still be completely unreadable. To obtain this result the AES256-encryption is used. This encryption technique is used worldwide by many governments. Even the most powerful computer on earth cannot break this encryption.   This is for encrypted texting only, at least 2 parties must have the SAC Phone... Numbers exceeding 2 are totally fine and as many of your colleagues as needed could communicate with you each having there own SAC Phone.


    Despite the most advanced technique the SAC Phone is very easy to operate: if you can text you can also use the SAC
    Phone and be sure of safe communication!

    Disclaimer:  It is up to you to check the legality of this product prior to purchase.  Products are not intended to be used for illegal purposes.  We accept no responsibility for action against the purchaser.

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Encrypted Communication,