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SAC-Phone - Encrypted Safe Communication - Anti Bugging Phone

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Quick Overview

Stop that bugging!

At last: secure and safe communication without being bugged!

“Thanks to the SAC Phone you can from now on communicate safely” 

Your communication is secured with military encryption techniques. 


The SAC Phone at first sight seems to be a perfectly normal Blackberry.  The device, however, is provided with a specially allotted code program enabling communication with a secure server in Iceland. 


Encryption means to encrypt: messages cannot be intercepted. In case this, for whatever reason, might occur, the messages will still be completely unreadable. To obtain this result the AES256-encryption is used. This encryption technique is used worldwide by many governments. Even the most powerful computer on earth cannot break this encryption.   This is for encrypted texting only, at least 2 parties must have the SAC Phone... Numbers exceeding 2 are totally fine and as many of your colleagues as needed could communicate with you each having there own SAC Phone.


Despite the most advanced technique the SAC Phone is very easy to operate: if you can text you can also use the SAC
Phone and be sure of safe communication!

Disclaimer:  It is up to you to check the legality of this product prior to purchase.  Products are not intended to be used for illegal purposes.  We accept no responsibility for action against the purchaser.


The SAC Phone uses strong and solid encryption techniques. This makes it impossible to intercept communications between devices.

Here is the way it works:
The SAC Phone uses a communication server in Iceland to send a message to another SAC Phone. The message is encrypted: only the receiving SAC Phone holder is able to decrypt the received message.

Storing messages
The messages are not stored nowhere at all so that information is never traceable not by sender nor by receiver nor server.

AES Encryption
The SAC Phone uses AES Encryption. AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. In cryptography Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a computer encryption technology (encryption). It is the sequel of “Data Encryption Standard”(DES). AES is a subset of the Rijndael-algorithme with a 128-bit key and 128, 192 or 256 bits. Rijndael itself can block all sizes and keys (cripts) to a multiple of a 32-bit with a minimum of a 128-bit and a maximum of a 256-bit.

Phone Operation
Despite the advanced technique sustaining the SAC Phone , it is remarkably easy to use. If you can text you are also able to use the SAC Phone. It is a most user-friendly device. Email us and you will be attended in a most discrete manner and all your questions, might there still be any, will be answered.

NOTE: This product is special order, please allow up to 2 weeks

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Who is going to benifit from the SAC Phone?

The SAC Phone is essential to anyone who desires to communicate safely without there being any possibility of being tapped.

Does the person whom I want to communicate also need a SAC Phone?

YES, for safe and secure communications your correspondent requires a SAC Phone, however.. it is possible to text and ping to other phones and blackberry devices but the communication on there end will not be safe as the SAC Phone standards.

Does it work with any phone company/provider?

YES, teh SAC Phone requires a telecommunications provider supporting blackberry-services/devices. Practically all providers support this.  We recommend a prepaid card subscription for even more covert communication.

Can I use SAC Phone to make phone calls?

NO the reason for this is with phone calls you could possibly be overheard or bugged from the room your in, with the texting feature its impossible for any eavesdropping to occur or you being overheard.

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