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Smart Phone Bug Detector Defense 200

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Quick Overview

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Professional Smart Phone Bug Detector, Defense 200 !

If a hacker implants a malicious code in your smart phone or your smart phone is infected,  your smart phone could work as a tapping device and leak the conversation to third party.

Malware could be infiltrate through emails or in any route. The malware is used to control your smart phone for eavesdropping.

Defense 200 is a eavesdropping detector. It detects if your smart phone is eavesdropping from somebody during the board meeting or private conversation.

Simply put the defense 200 top of your smart phone and keep on talking in normal conversation. If the detector 200 is continuously blinking, it tells your smart phone is being used for eavesdropping. Detect your smart phone if it is safe to carry around for your business meeting or private conversation.


Principle of Product

When a hacker tries to hack your smart phone and intercept your audio information data, this device detects specific frequency band and informs user of unusual symptom by showing change of detection lamp.

Eavesdropping occurs by hacking smart phone, Leakage detection of audio information data of smart phone, informing of unusual symptom by showing change of detection lamp.

How to use device

Just power on the device and place it nearby smart phone. Then, the device detects any unusual symptom such as hacking, tapping etc automatically in real time.

Applicable Fields of smart phone detector defense 200

When to worry about being tapped in daily life.

State agencies where major policies are discussed and determined.

Judicial authorities such as prosecution, police and so forth that have investigation right, where communication security is required for work performance.

Election camps which perform election campaign against competitors.

Lawyers and clients with ongoing litigation

CEO, Key executives and sales people planning to damage by industrial espionage.

Business sectors that require business confidentiality  and much much more.

Size - 29x7.2x69

Weight - 20g

Battery - Lithum-polymer 3.7V

Battery Life - About 100 hours

Charging cable - Micro USB 5pin

Charging time - About 90 Minutes

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