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Tiny Pro Recorde

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Tiny Pro Recorder - Professional Audio Recorder - 18 Day Battery w/ Start-Stop Program and years standby

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Quick Overview

This is a very special professional audio recorder. This recorder can be programed with your computer and the software included to record up to 18 days , start and stop at specific calendar days down to the hour and minute.

Schedule your recordings when you want or simply put the device on Voice Activation mode, the choice is yours. This device is about the size of a quarter and uses replaceable batteries. Only windows compatible.



To ensure high quality sound, recorder has a dedicated audio processor with sophisticated voice compression algorithms. On max quality recorder record 24 hours and on minimum quality recorder record 18 days!

Even the minimum quality on this recorder is superior to other recorders on the market today. The unique feature of the Tiny Pro voice recorder is internal digital signature function. Unlike the previously available on the market voice recorders the tiny pro does not need a computer to generate a file digital signature. The signature which warranties authenticity is generated independently inside the device, thus raising the level of security, and can be uploaded together with the original file.

The Tiny pro has a date time start marker, Voice activated recording, Scheduled recording. and even has a Special Encryption Key builder that can`t be Decrypted with no special Key !!!


Product capabilities:

 A high quality sound recording on the built-in memory microcircuit with the capacity of 4Gb.

 A high quality enciphering of the recorded files up to 2048 bits.

 Availability of the special generator for ciphering keys.

 A support for the main types of compression PCM, A-LAW, ADPCM .

 A possibility to select the discretization frequency 5461hz, 8000hz,11025hz, 16000hz, 22050hz.

Switching on/switching out of LED indication of recording/stop or a VOX mode activation.

A circular recording.

A super low consumption of current.

A control of the memory microcircuit resources wear. VOX (voice activation): The above measurements were made at 1 kHz sine signal. AC rms level was measured on pin 10 of the processor. Sensitivity of the microphone amplifier against indoor noise level (in meters) tested in the “Whisper” speech mode.

With a CR2025 battery you can achieve up to 124.51 hours of recording and Vox standby of 283.45 hours.

If you want to program only certain days for the standby via the calendar function, you can achieve a runtime of up to 18 years – no writing error! Program the device, stick the coin-sized dwarf to where you want to record conversations and then collect it again.

Technical specifications:

• High quality sound recording on a built-in 4 Gb Flash card • High-quality enciphering of recorded data with a volume of up to 2048 bits • Unique key generator • Support of the most common types of data compression: PCM, A-LAW, ADPCM • Possibilities to select the digitization rate between 5461hz, 8000hz, 11025hz, 16000hz and 22050hz • Turns on / off the LED indicator of Record / Pause or VOX function • Ring mode • Extremely low power consumption • Check the wear rate of Flash card resources • Operation with different battery models, such as CR2016, CR2025 and (CR2032 – installation by a specialist technician) • 31mm x 21.8mm x 8.5mm • Microphone SPU0410HR5H-1 “Knowles” • Sensitivity of the microphone: Omnidirectional: -42dBA

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