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RUGER Marking Spray Plus UV Dye With Clip

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It's good to be prepared. In addition to fending off attackers in case you're assaulted, you'd like to help the police catch the perpetrators so they can't threaten you or anyone else in the future.

Two leading names in self-defense, SABRE and Ruger, have teamed up to offer a smart solution. The Ruger Marking Spray Plus UV Dye with Clip offers protection before, during and after an incident. If you have to use it, this UV security spray will leave a spray marking dye on the culprits, making them easier to identify and apprehend. In addition to leaving a dye that lasts up to two days, this product will startle and temporarily blind attackers up to 10 feet away.


Product Overview Backed by Two Industry-Leading Brands: This product line was designed to give SABRE and Ruger customers comprehensive safety by expanding personal defense options. Identify Multiple Suspects: Dye lasts up to 48 hours; spray contains 20 bursts, giving you a better chance of marking attackers Helps Deter Attacker from a Distance: Startles and temporarily blinds attacker up to 10 feet (3 m) away Easily Accessible: Clip option for non-keychain users

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