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Maleficent - Special Edition Mask

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Latex character mask Greyland Film® head and face movie quality with realistic details. Original mask producer Greyland Film® division of studio G-Fantomas®.

Most sizes fit all, however a few will not fit a larger size head. Since masks do not have refunds or returns, it is advised you call first if you think your head is above average size.


Description of the Greyland Film®face mask . Authentic cast reproduction design 1:1sculpture. Entertaining latex foam mask from Europe in high quality handmade and character make-up comes from the line of comical and scary caricatural designs, collection of brand name masks of Greyland Film®.

Prices includes mask only. GF mask is specified exclusively for private fun such as for example parties, spare time, carnival or Halloween and other exclusively noncommercial purposes. Is also specified for amateur theater.

Outstanding masking, changing your face perfectly, is allowed reliably by using GF masks of character faces made by Greyland Film® company. The illusion of transformation can be amusingly perfect. Especially then on photos and videos. In real, mask is complied with soft semi-dark.

Elastic and face grimaces transmitting GF mask, handmade in one average universal size, However if head is over average size mask will stretch but may not look as photo.

Next to the realistic appearance created in accordance with life model of existing person, is the asset of the GF face mask pleasant softness and lightness. The possibility to put mask on and take it of fast ensure to its user fast and effective effect of amusing disguise but increases safety at indisposition. Mask covers the entire head and part of the neck.

Protect your new artificial face – mask before sun, frost, moisture (including sweat), scrapes. Please study and abide enclosed instruction, so the mask from natural latex stays in top shape for years, joy of comfortable change of identity and creative acting with your dramatic figure and its new face. You can enrich your creatively formed figure with various accessories and in addition multiple characteristic possibilities (with for example glasses, moustache, hats, wigs, etc., additions according to your own fantasies and needs). New face will arouse more and more acting ideas and it is necessary to expect the fact, that you always be the center of attention and the main attractant of your friendly company.

GF® mask can also be used as provocative interior decoration, however the rack can never be an appliance. If you´re looking for suitable gift, you have just found it. Original surprise and the producents original – whether you give the mask itself, or your artistic creative performance. A typical mask has no eyes. A mask with eyes is a mannequin. Add eyes, teeth and a wig to transform GF mask into a mannequin. Our masks belong in theatres not banks. The artefact is not suitable for individuals with latex and rubber allergies. Under the certain circumstances, the GF mask can be extremely believable (identity- wise) and therefore Greyland Film strongly warn before the expressive scaring etc., performances which could cause another person health problems caused by a shock, or provoke an instinctive defense attack with fatal effect for the masked actor. Realistic mask is characterized by the fact, that from the first moment and at a relative closeness to other person, does not appear as an artificial face, and therefore it requires considerate approach towards others. Increased attention is recommended near animals, which can aggressively react to unusual situation. Carefully follow the instructions on the box for a proper use of the mask.

The mask cannot be returned or exchanged for obvious reasons such as the size once the protective hygienic strip that is fitted through the mask´s eye and mouth has been damaged and/or removed.

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