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Wireless Router Access Point Spy camera

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Quick Overview

Covert video recording can be easily captured with this unassuming, but functioning, Linksys Router, that has a hidden camera and DVR inside. The camera, when activated by any motion, records a minimum of 10 seconds and up to a maximum of  2 minutes of video clips, per motion activation. These video files are stored on the, included, 4GB SD card. Documentation of your videos is also easy and effortless with the quite handy Time/Date Stamp feature.

  • Details

    Simple Operation:
    Insert the SD card
    Plug the power cord into an outlet
    Aim the camera in the desired direction you wish to acquire a video…later
    Unplug the power cord
    Remove the SD Card and view or archive the video files on your computer

    The Linksys Access Point unit
    4GB SD Card
    Motion Activated Recording


    Works like a normal Linksys Access Points Router
    Both camera and recorder are powered by the Router’s own power cord
    The camera has an 80° field of view and points slightly up with a 70° up and down field of view
    There is no outward indication, whatsoever, that a camera and a DVR is lurking inside
    The videos captured will easily play on VLC or Windows Media Player, etc.


    Model:                  Fully Functional, Original Linksys Access Point
    Camera Lens:       Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Lens
    Video Quality:      500 TV Lines
    Minimum Lux :    0.5
    Resolution:                    640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Quality
    Frame rate:                     12FPS
    Recording Mode:           Motion Activated
    Storage Mode:     SD and HCSD Cards
    SD Card:              Included 4GB SD Card, supports up to 16GB SD Card
    Recording Length:          10 seconds minimum, and up to 2 minutes maximum, per motion detected event
    Recording Cycle: Deletes oldest clip first, using Auto-Recycle
    Capacity:              In most situations, the DVR will record between 2 to 4 days per GB. If the DVR is set to record
                                  continuously, The DVR will record 3.5 hours per GB

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