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Data Recovery Products

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  1. DataDevil - Data Recovery STICK

    Paraben - Data Recovery STICK

    DataDevil - Recover Data From Almost Any Type of Storage.
    The DataDevil is every employer’s, concerned parents' and suspicious spouse' dream spy tool.

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  2. Hawk - Mobile Monitor for Smartphones

    Hawk - Mobile Monitor for Smartphones - Monitor Childrens Activities 6 Month Plan

    Cell Phone Monitoring Hawk Mobile Monitor from Paraben Corporation Trusted by Law Enforcement. Trusted by Parents.

    Track Your Children's texts, internet usage, calls, and phone location.

    The safe and legal way to monitor your kids. Nothing to Hide! This is not hidden spyware.

    Hawk Mobile Monitor sits in plain sight. Kids who know they are being monitored are more likely to keep your rules. Monitor Smartphones Hawk Mobile Monitor works on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch devices as well as Android phones and tablets.

    Track text messages, picture & video messages, and even read deleted messages. Track History and Find Child with GPS feature.

    6 Month Version

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  3. Paraben Consumer Software Voice Logger

    Paraben Voice Logger - Secure Your Computer by Recording All Audio Voice Activated

    Computers make the perfect hidden voice recorder that sit in plain site. Almost all computers have microphones and those microphones can be turned into a covert voice recorder with Paraben's Voice Logger. Voice Logger is a USB drive that contains a specialized app that turns any Windows computer into a hidden voice recorder. Voice Logger is discreet and can automatically email you all recordings. The stealth mode feature hides the app from the computer user's view they don't know that they are being recorded. The computer's microphone will pick up any conversation on or around the computer. Imagine being able to listen into calls made through the computer (think Skype or Facebook voice calls), conversations in the same room as the computer, or even one side of phone conversations that take place near the computer. Recordings can be set to automatically start when the microphone detects sound. You can determine the noise level that will trigger a recording, how long that level needs to be reached before a recording starts, and you can even record up to 10 seconds before the conversation begins. Learn More
  4. Paraben Data Shredder Stick

    Paraben Data Shredder Stick

    The data shredder stick from Paraben is special formatting software for the PC. When you normally delete files or folders from the computer, they are not really deleted, but made invisible until they are overwritten. As a result, these files can often be traced. The data shredder stick can really remove files and folders from hard drives and media such as SD cards and USB sticks. Learn More
  5. keylogger

    16MB - USB Keylogger - Montior Keystrokes on computer

    The USB Keylogger allows you to monitor keystrokes made on the keyboard. The USB will hold 16mb worth of data which is up to 16 million keystrokes. Learn More

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