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obd port tracker

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OBD - Realtime G.P.S. Tracker Vehicle Plug and Play 4G

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Quick Overview

OBDTrac 4G - GPS Tracker

OBDTrac is the most advanced solution for all your GPS tracking needs. OBDTrac allows you to easily track the location of a single vehicle or an entire fleet from anywhere at any time. OBDTrac provides vital diagnostics essential to timely maintenance and efficient use of your vehicle. It is also invaluable in easily finding lost or stolen vehicles and equipment. With the most accurate real-time details on exact location, vehicle diagnostics and customizable alerts, OBDTrac will keep you in the know at all times about what is most important to you.


GPS Tracking in Real Time Monitor all your vehicles from one place, with real-time accurate mapping and charting of vehicle coordinates. See which ones are speeding, idling or crossing geofences.

This invaluable overview of your entire fleet will greatly improve fleet logistics and increase its productivity and efficiency -ultimately saving you money. Locates vehicle instantly Longitude, latitude, altitude data at all times Direction vehicle is heading, in exact degrees Speed, acceleration, and RPM Miles driven since last mileage threshold alert was sent Complete route of vehicle displayed on Google maps Each route and event color-coded for easy identification

All information sent to a web tracking server via the nearest local cellular network Using an internet connection via a computer or smartphone, real-time data and up to 90 days of reports can be accessed at anytime from any location GSM receive signal strength and dual network SIM so that if connection is dropped by one network it will be picked up by the other for uninterrupted coverage Security and Round The Clock Monitoring Accurate real-time data and instant alerts allow you to monitor the safety and security of your fleet at all times.

The user-friendly platform allows for easily customizable features. Get instant alerts when you vehicle is speeding, entering/leaving geofences, or being towed. Alerts sent straight to your computer, smartphone or tablet Alerts specific to each vehicle, day and desired time frame Customizable report interval Customizable geofencing, route charting, mapping

Get alerts when vehicle enters or exits geofence Gets alerts when vehicle is in the vicinity of certain neighborhoods Notification if driving is irregular, vehicle leaves a location, or speed is excessive. Advanced vehicle diagnostics and comprehensive reports available Stores driving data for up to one year (or more) Report Generation Comprehensive reports are available to look at detailed travel log history. Includes start stop reports, idle time, IFTA fuel tax reports and much more.

Past history reports include events such as ignition on/off, speed and I/O detection (PTO voltage where applicable). Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics OBDTrac provides the most advanced vehicle diagnostics using the Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) port Fuel level Mileage and fuel consumption over any time frame Battery Voltage Instant notification when there is a problem detected by the vehicle Vehicle Identification Number Ignition on and off Engine Codes Management OBDTrac's versatile platform allows for different levels of user access, so that all the right people can easily get the information they need for greatest efficiency.

Some users can be restricted to viewing the maps, others can modify alerts, settings or geofences, while some users have all privileges including creating additional user accounts.

Flexible subscription plan No long-term contract required Monthly service fee includes both the cellular monthly rate plan and access to the web tracking service via a smartphone, computer or tablet NO activation fees, NO early termination fees and NO re-activation fees

OBDTrac plugs directly into OBD port located underneath the dashboard on the driver's side. (All vehicles since 1996 have an OBD port) Simple 20 second installation Small, highly durable self-contained device with no messy antennas or cables Long-lasting battery Prolonged battery life due to built-in accelerometer that allows it to detect motion and adjust its on/off status in relation to vehicle activity

One time cost of $ for the device Electrical Specifications GPRS class B multi-slot class 10. Supports 850/1900, 900/1800 MHz. Supports all OBDII protocols. Receiver Sensitivity -161 dBm. Cold Start < 33 sec. Receiver Sensitivity -161 dBm. Hot Start < 1 sec. Mechanical Specifications Case Material: ABS plastic Dimensions: 2" X 1.8" X 1" Weight < 2oz. Normal Operating Temperature: -30C to 75C Storage Temperature: -40C to 80C

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