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  1. Guard Dog  Proshield Smart - Bulletproof Backpack (NIJ IIIA)

    Guard Dog Proshield Smart - Bulletproof Backpack (NIJ IIIA)

    The Smartest and Best-Equipped Backpack.. with Bulletproof Protection

    Note: Due to high demand of this product please call first for availability prior to ordering or visiting shop.

    From the world’s leader in practical personal security comes the Guard Dog Security ProShield Smart bulletproof backpack. Crafted with detailed quality and features, the ProShield Smart includes a built-in charging bank to directly charge your mobile devices for all your on-the-go tech needs. Conveniently located on the adjustable strap is a hands-free smartphone holder that keeps your device on you at all times without falling at any angle.

    The Guard Dog ProShield Smart also provides over 20 pockets and compartments, including allowance for large laptops and tablets in a TSA-approved back opening, preventing the need to remove devices from the bag when traveling. Next to an easy-access ID holder is an RFID protection compartment, keeping your identity and valuable information safe and secure.

    All of these powerful features within a bulletproof backpack, tested and certified by the National Institute of Justice, weighing only ounces more than a non-armored backpack. Be prepared, be protected and carry the most practical and full-featured backpack in the world, The Guard Dog ProShield Smart.

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  2. Cap / Hat -  SPY CAMERA  w/ MP3 Player - COVERT STYLE NO DESIGN


    Black Spy Camera HAT
    Unlike others sold, this cap has NO Logo on it. As you know some hat's come with Logo's making it obvious to people that know about spy camera's what you have on your head. This model has NO LOGO, making it totally covert.

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  3. Professional Handheld Bug Detector 2g / 3g / 4g / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi with Burst

    Professional Handheld Bug / Burst Detector 2g / 3g / 4g / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi with Burst

    C5W - 2G/3G/4G Wifi/Bluetooth - Burst Monitor
    • Detects GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), 4G (LTE) - plus Wifi/Bluetooth/2.4 Ghz devices
    • Detects Mobile Phones, Smartphones, GPS Trackers, SMS (Texts), 3G/4G Video, Bluetooth & Wifi Devices
    • Detects Cellular Bands 800 MHz (4G), 900 MHz (2G), 1800 MHz (2G/4G), 2100 MHz (3G), 2600MHz (4G)
    • Separate 2400 Mhz band detector for Wifi/Bluetooth/Video and other latest generation devices
    • Ultra-sensitive - Detects signals from up to 50 meters
    • Event Log records Time/Date, Detected Band, Duration & Signal Strength of up to 4000 Cellular Events
    • Log can be viewed on screen and downloaded to USB stick for storage/viewing on a computer
    • Graph Mode plots real time or historical graph of all detected cellular bands
    • 3.5inch Colour TFT Display with easy to use menu driven operation.
    • Audible Signal Strength ‘Beep’ and Silent Vibrate Mode.
    • Machined Aluminium Enclosure for maximum durability
    • Internal Lithium Polymer battery pack – Charger supplied
    • Supplied in Heavy Duty Military Standard carry case

    Note: Ask about our In-Store Discounts for Law Enforcement or Private Investigators !!  Please allow 5-7 Days Delivery.

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  4. Private Detective Badge

    Private Detective Badge

    Our Private Detective Badge features a heavy duty eagle top badge design, gold finish, and color seal. The badge measures 3 1/8' x 2' and comes with a sturdy pin & safety or wallet clip attachment.


    • Badge size: 3 1/8' x 2'
    • Pin & Safety or Wallet Clip Attachment
    • Gold Finish
    • Compatible with our Replacement Center Seals (sold separately)
    • Compatible with our wallet cutout 'Oval Shield'
    • Badge is sold as pictured only
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    Out of stock / Call for Availability

  5. X-RAY Spray

    X-RAY Spray - SEE THRU PAPER , really Works !!

    See thru envelopes with this amazing X-Ray Spray. for personal use only. This is a novelty item and not intended to be used to defraud or mislead information. Seller assumes no liability or risk if used in any illegal manner Learn More
  6. WD-40 Safe Can Diversion Stash Container

    WD-40 Safe Can Diversion Stash Container

    WD-40 Safe Can Diversion Stash Container

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  7. Locking Book Safe with Key

    Locking Book Safe with Key

    This is a great Book Safe with key lock.  It looks and feels like a real book, securely hides your valuables inside a locked metal safe, measures 2 x 5.5 x 9' and includes two keys. This book safe blends right into your bookshelf, the last place a thief would look.

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  8. Engine Degreaser - Hidden Safe

    Engine Degreaser - Hidden Safe

    Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim's home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. These unique safes allow you to hide valuables inside common household products - one of the last places a thief would think to look. According to the Chicago Police these units are better than a locked safe and a thousand times cheaper

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  9. Ajax Hidden Safe - 21 oz

    Ajax Hidden Safe - 21 oz

    The Ajax 21oz Hidden Safe looks and feels just like the genuine product. Screw off the lid to reveal a hollow center, allowing you to conceal jewelry, important documents or cash. One of best selling diversion safes, fits naturally anywhere in your home. The internal compartment dimensions are: 1.75" Wide x 3.75" Tall

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  10. 7-up Soda Hidden Can Safe Stash Box

    7-up Soda Hidden Can Safe Stash Box

    This is a great classic 7up Can hidden safe... Can be placed anywhere and is even weighted down to feel full.

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