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Lock Pick Sets

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  1. lock pick gun

    Lock Pick Gun

    This famous pick gun was designed to quickly pick pin tumbler locks. Unlike conventional hand picks that activates only one or two cylinder pins, this tool is designed to span all the pins at once. Some people can open locks in as little as 2 seconds where others take longer than a minute. All pick guns require practice. Comes complete with 3 pick needles and tension wrench and instructions.

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  2. reverse peephole

    Reverse Peephole

  3. Thirty-Two Piece Lock Pick Set MPXS-32

    Thirty-Two Piece Lock Pick Set MPXS-32

    This large set includes a variety of hooks, rakes, balls, diamonds, extractors, and tension tools, and our new luggage quality top grain leather zippered case. Like all of our MPXS Series Professional Lock Pick Sets, the MPXS-32 features tempered stainless steel picks and our exclusive rivetless stainless steel handles.

    Purchaser is responsible for all local laws.

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  4. Eleven Piece Lock Pick Set With Metal Handles

    Eleven Piece Lock Pick Set With Metal Handles

    One of the most popular sets and includes three picks with stainless steel handles, three standard picks, a double – ended slim line pick, broken key extractor, and three tension tools in a snapover leather case.


    • 3 US picks with metal handles
    • 3 US standard picks
    • 1 Double ended slim line pick
    • 1 Broken key extactor
    • 3 Tension tools
    • 1 Top quality snapover leather case
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  5. credit card lock pick set

    Credit Card Lock Pick Set

    Credit Card Lock Pick
    This is a new credit card pick set! It contains 4 of the finest stainless steel picks ever made, and a double-ended tension tool of .035 spring stainless steel. There are 3 cavities in the base of the credit card that hold 2 pairs of picks with the tension tool in the middle. The card set is less than 1/8 inch thick and fits into the same space as a credit card! The Ultimate Spy Gadget!

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  6. titanium lockpick set

    Titanium Lock Pick Set

    This unique set of lock-picks is made from titanium, providing ultra-lightweight picks with a long life of rust/corrosion-free use. Mil-spec design for the adventurous operative. This set is comprised of a feeler pick, a diamond pick, a ball pick, a hybrid diamond/feeler pick, a combo rake/tension tool, and a modified diamond/tension tool. All of these tools are contained in a secure compact pocket case

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  7. padlock shim set

    Padlock Shim Set

    An easy way to open many padlocks is to utilize Padlock Shims. Made of very thin spring steel, they come in several sizes to fit the contour of the hasp of the lock. Just push one down between the hasp and the body of the lock and twist to disengage the locking mechanism. Set consists of 20 shims.

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  8. Pyro-Band


    The Pyro-Band is a safe, convenient and covert way to always have the means to create fire. Worn as a wristband, the integral ferrocerium rod is not only the fire source, but also serves as the band's clasp/connector. Rapidly scraping the rod with a sharp edge, such as a knife blade, will send out a shower of sparks that can ignite appropriate tinder to light a fire. A great way to always have a basic piece of survival gear close at hand. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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