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Kids Spy Toys

Kids Spy Toys

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  1. Spy Paper

    Spy Paper

    This "spy paper" looks like ordinary paper, but is unique in that it dissolves in just seconds when contacted with liquid, resulting in a useless, non-reconstructible mulch which is far more secured than the output of any standard shredder. You can write on this paper normally, but contact it with any liquid, even saliva, and it transforms into a secure mulch. It's ideal for those confidential notes that may have to "disappear" quickly with little advance notice. It comes in one pad of 32 sheets, each sheet is 2.75" x 4.25" in a sealable storage bag. Made in U.S.A. Learn More
  2. Secret Recorder Logiblocs

    Secret Recorder Logiblocs

    This interactive kit contains a detailed instruction booklet and four plug together blocks; a power base, a button, a light sensor and a recorder. More than 10 projects with applications to make, such as a secret message recorder, door chime and talking drawer! For ages 5 and up. Learn More
  3. 4M Logiblocs E-Building Blocks System Spy Tech Kids Science Kit

    4M Logiblocs E-Building Blocks System Spy Tech Kids Science Kit

    Build your own custom alarms with logiblocs! This steam science kit includes color coded, plug-and-play electronic building blocks, Each color coded with unique functions that can be combined to create custom circuits. The kit includes Essential blocks to build a wide variety of detectors and alarm systems, from a screaming banana machine to a metal detector and morse code machine. Recommended for ages 5 years and up and requires three AAA batteries (not included). Learn More
  4. Bug Buster - Battery Powered

    Bug Buster - Battery Powered

    The original BugBuster™ No-Harm Spider and Bug Vacuum is an insect vacuum that sucks up bugs, insects, spiders, flies, stinging insects, bees and more from ceilings, walls, empty bathtubs... almost anywhere.

    Learn More
  5. survival compass

    Toysmith Survival Compass

    Educational toys that help children learn Made using safe and high quality materials Toys for all age groups Learn More
  6. disappearing ink

    Disappearing Ink

    This Disappearing Ink will be a great prank! Gently squeeze bottle on clothing or other areas and watch as it disappears within minutes! Bottle holds 1 ounce of ink. Includes 1 per package. Learn More
  7. fake stashes

    Fake Moustaches - Disguise your face

    Kids will love this set of fake mustaches !! Learn More
  8. Professional Basic Voice Changer

    Basic Voice Changer

    The Professional Basic Voice Changer is a super simple basic voice changer, and is a professional-grade portable voice changer, and is compatible on all telephones. Simply attach the acoustic coupler to your telephone's microphone, adjust the 16 settings by turning the selector clockwise. It has 0 being your normal voice, the high settings will increase the pitch and low settings will decrease the pitch.

    Learn More
  9. Fake Electrical Outlet Sticker

    Fake Electrical Outlet Sticker

    Hilarious Joke Stickers! Fake outlet sticker is printed on Superior Quality glossy weatherproof material. Looks so real! Design & Size of electric decal is just like an actual power wall outlet. Measures 3’’x5’’. April Fools all year round - Pranks for Adults! For friends or strangers any time you are in the mood of some fun. Anywhere! Use socket stickers at the office, at home, or when you're out and about! Easy to Use! Place the outlet sticker, sit back, watch someone try to plug in their charger, and laugh away! Learn More
  10. fake lotto ticket

    Fake Lotto Ticket

    Fool your friends and enemies with this fake lotto ticket. Looks real then you scratch off and says you won 10k. When they read the fine print on the back they will realize it is fake. Learn More

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