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  1. Mini Rear View Sunglasses Anti-Track UV Protection Reflex Behind Mirror Black

    Mini Rear View Sunglasses Anti-Track UV Protection Reflex Behind Mirror Black

    These are Rear View spy glases designed for you to see behind you using mirrors embedded within the lens.

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  2. Big Rear View Anti-Track Sun glasses UV Behind Mirror Security Ray Ban's

    Big Rear View Anti-Track Sun glasses UV Behind Mirror Security Ray Ban's

    Rear view spy glasses !!

    This product is a stylish glasses, looks very cool, young and old people both can wear.This is a seemingly very ordinary sunglasses,however,it also has back sight function.If you are being followed behind,you can see the spoorer from the side of the glasses.Perfect for the women and investigator.

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  3. Pendant Safe Necklace

    Pendant Safe Necklace

    The new Pendant Safe provides a way to discreetly carry or store small valuables with a lower profile and higher security. Its hidden compartment is large enough to hold several microSD memory cards, a $100 bill, etc. It's manufactured from a real half dollar coin. With its polished brass housing, it has a simple but classy look. Designed to be nice looking, but not too attention-getting. Looking like just a 50-cent coin minimizes the interest of a burglar or mugger. Learn More
  4. covert coin half dollar

    Covert Coin Half Dollar / Safe

    You can hide a lot of personal info on a Micro-SD card now days. But what if that SD card falls into the wrong hands. Now you can hide it in a coin. Learn More
  5. toilet paper roller safe

    Toilet Paper Roller Safe

    Toilet Paper Roller Safe This innovative new safe can securely hide your small valuables, safeguarding them from both the casual snoop and the professional burglar. Learn More
  6. hidden wall safe

    Hidden Wall Safe Secret Stash Electrical Plug

    Very covert hidden wall safe that looks like an electrical outlet to hide valuables inside. Learn More
  7. Rum Runner Cruise Kit

    Hidden Flask Set To Sneak Alcohol – Secret Flask To Smuggle Booze And Alcohol – 32 Oz, 16 Oz, Undetectable Plastic Flask With Funnel

    THE FULL CONCEALED CARRYING KIT: hidden flask kit is designed to provide you with an all in one rum runner cruise kit that will finally let you take your booze, rum, gin and any other kind of drink with you anywhere you go. Each pack includes 3 x 32 Oz and 3 x 16 Oz along with a pouring funnel. Learn More
  8. Hidden Shoe Storage Soles - Spy Hidden Safe

    Hidden Shoe Storage Soles - Spy Hidden Safe

    Storage Soles, the new and discreet way to store valuables. Perfect for emergency cash, house keys, and medicine. Trim the sole to fit your personal shoe size. The reinforced sides and top make them both comfortable and convenient. They are entirely removable and fit securely in the shoe. Just stash your valuables in the Storage Soles and forget about them - you can rest assured knowing they will be stored securely out of sight. Learn More
  9. Leather Wallet Bifold w/ RFID Protection

    Leather Wallet Bifold w/ RFID Protection

    This cowhide leather wallet is 100% Genuine leather, and is built to help safeguard your identity and credit card information with the protection from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanners. Without RFID protection in the wallet, someone with an RFID scanner could simply walk up and obtain your credit card information without you even noticing and while your credit card is still stored away "safely" in your wallet. With the added security of RFID inside the wallet, the scanners are unable to penetrate the wallet layers and gather your valuable information. It's bi-fold design holds three cards in each wing, and there are two openings under both sides for more cards. There is an additional slot on the outside with a pull out mesh sleeve for ID and two more card slots on the other side. All of this is fit into an exceedingly slim design to keep a low profile in your pocket. Learn More

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  10.  Book Safe

    Book Safe

    Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim's home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. With this product you can hide your valuables in the last place a thief would think to look - in an ordinary book. Learn More

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